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Cotton eNews 03/10/16

Cotton eNews is produced by the National Cotton Council of America


March 10, 2016

Variety Selection – Make A Wise Choice!

Variety selection is perhaps the season’s most important and yet most difficult decision. A poor variety selection decision is not easily overcome. Choose varieties with the genetic potential for higher yield and fiber quality. Plant more than one variety and consider specific traits and crop maturity after yield and quality. Try new varieties on a limited acreage to see how they perform on your farm. The National Cotton Council offers resources to help with that decision at



Cotton Highlights From March WASDE Report

(Cotton Grower) The March 2016 World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report has been released by USDA. Here’s what this month’s report had to say about cotton.

U.S. Cotton Growers Struggle Under Changing Demand

(KSMU) Cotton fabric has been a staple in our closets for decades, but times are tough for farmers in the U.S. cotton belt who are caught in the middle of a storm of changing global demand.

Identify These Top Weeds For A Successful Burndown

(Farm Press) The Southeast is blessed with weeds no matter the season. And over the next four to six weeks, growers will be doing their best to burndown wintry weeds and cover crops before planting their no-till or strip-till cotton.

Flooding Rains Forecast Across Texas, Louisiana

(AgWeb) Eastern Texas, parts of Louisiana and Arkansas could see as much as a foot (30 centimeters) of rain this week from a storm that could bring tornadoes to Texas and major flooding to the Mississippi and Ohio rivers.


Groups Oppose Additional Ag-Related Budget Cuts In Congress

(Farm Press) The House and Senate agriculture committees made difficult choices to contribute to bipartisan deficit reduction goals when they crafted the farm bill just two years ago, and any calls for additional cuts to the programs they administer should be rejected, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation.

Democratic Candidates Pledge To End Deportations

(AgriPulse) Hillary Clinton is joining Sen. Bernie Sanders in promising to end deportations of illegal immigrants who haven't committed a crime or pose a terrorist threat.

Waterways Council Lays Out Funding Priorities

(AgriPulse) Waterways Council Inc. says it will advocate for improvements to the nation's inland waterway infrastructure in 2016, starting with asking for an increase to what the group's CEO calls "the most disappointing budget to date."


India Cuts Monsanto Modified Cotton-Seed Royalty Fees By 70%

(Bloomberg) India cut royalties for genetically-modified cotton seeds, defying Monsanto Co., which has said such a move would cause it to reevaluate its business in the country, the largest grower of the fiber.


Cotton Open: Muted Reaction to Export Gains

(AgFax) U.S. weekly upland export sales rose to 185,100 running bales. China’s consumer inflation sped up in February. Cash grower sales edged up to 2,260 bales on The Seam.


‘Follow The Money’ When Environmental Activist Groups Come Calling

(Farm Press) Many farmers would have a less flattering term for the anti-pesticide, anti-commercial agriculture propaganda spewed out almost daily by environmental activist groups, but someone has come up with a more polite term for it.


AgriLife Extension Sets March 24 Cotton Conference In Coyanosa

(AgriLife Today) COYANOSA – The Texas AM AgriLife Extension Service will conduct a cotton conference on March 24 at the Coyanosa Community Center in Coyanosa.

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